It is best to be prepared prior to picking up your Couture Bengal Kitten!

Cat Carrier: You will need a Cat Carrier to take your kitten home. No kitten will leave the Cattery without being secured in a Carrier for travel.

Food: Royal Canin Feline BabyCat ( You will receive a sample to take home.) The kitten will need to stay on this type of food for 2 months beyond its departure of the Cattery to ensure proper balance of its digestive system.

Water: A mat under a weighted dish is best as Bengals are water cats so any messes will be on the matt and easy to clean.

Litter Receptacle: Considering your Bengal is a Baby, I always suggest some disposable trays ( made of foil for food) as they are short all the way around so your baby can get in easily. For cleaning, throw them away when needed. As your Bengal matures, you can by a regular litter recepticle of your choice. I prefer the hooded type for containment of the litter.

Litter: Feline Pine ( wood pellets) or a variety of Organic litter of your liking.

Cat Tree: Kittens love to play on Cat trees for hours and they have free range to scratch on the post contained on the tree. I train my kittens not to scratch furniture. Easily done!

Toys! Bengals love toys! Balls, Lasers, stuffed animals, feathers or mice on a stick etc…..